COVID-19 Update, 2020

Thank you for your amazing love, generosity, & support.

Thanks to your generosity, the Moldova Mission Network was able to send a total of $2,700 aid to UDG and to its neighborhood.

Man and woman with masks sitting behind computer

Your Impact

Besides the need to support the students who had to remain at UDG late last spring and summer, these funds were also used–by request of the UDG’s leadership–to help UDG neighbors who were running out of funds to buy groceries. These pictures of grateful neighbors and UDG students shows how a little for us in the USA is a blessing to many in Moldova. Your generosity helped the school share God’s love in many ways!

Man with box of fruit
Unloading items from the UDG van for packing into bags for families
Grocery items
Grocery store cart full of food items made possible by US donors.
Family with food
A UDG neighbor family thanks God (and US donors) for food parcels
People delivering food
A couple living near UDG says 'Thank you' for food staples UDG has delivered​

Note: The Coronavirus Has Not Ended In Moldova. Pray For God's Mercy And Relief.